Only about 10% of former foster care youth will attend college, and only about 3% of them will graduate.

These are our 25%!

National statistics show only 3% of former foster youth will graduate from college.  In San Joaquin County we are raising the bar!  – 25% of our scholarship recipients graduate with degrees or certificates.   

MGCF has awarded nearly $1.5 million in scholarship support to local foster youth since 2004.  Our students have graduated from University of California schools including, UCLA, Cal, Davis, and Santa Cruz; State schools including, Stanislaus, Sacramento, San Jose; private schools including University of the Pacific and Menlo College; and community colleges including Delta, Modesto and Sacramento City. 

Our students have become medical assistants, nurses, teachers and accountants with many returning to lead productive lives in San Joaquin County.  Your help gives our local foster youth hope that they too can become successful, independent adults. 


2018 College Graduates

Stanislaus State

Ranim Assad

Menlo College

Autumn Pacheco

San Jose State

Anny Vang

Sacramento State

Kevin West