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Jessica's Story

Jessica Tacdol was one of the first recipients of a Foundation scholarship. Jessica’s story is one of survival, hard work, and success, and truly represents the hope that our programs are all about. Jessica graduated from California State University, Stanislaus because of our donors generous support. 

Jessica entered the foster care system at just 18 months old, and at age 10, was a resident of the Mary Graham Children’s Shelter for a few months. After many trying years and several placements, she was aged out at age 18.

Defying all odds, Jessica graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. Jessica plans to pursue her credential at Stanislaus and wants to become a high school counselor.

As a scholarship recipient, Jessica’s tuition and educational expenses were paid in full. “It was more than just tuition though,” Jessica said. “They bought me a computer to help with my schoolwork. They gave me gift certificates for groceries, and they helped with rent when financial aid didn’t cover it.” When a hardship arose, Jessica talked it through with her Mary Graham mentor. “I liked the mentorship they provided. My mentor and I have got really close, they did a good job matching me with the right person. They said I could do it, and now that I’m finished, it feels really good.”